It’s FINALLY here! Weight Loss Made Easy.

If you’re one of the many people who has struggled with losing weight, you’ve come to the right place. When I was younger and struggling with bad acne, I went from diet to diet to see if I could cure my acne naturally. What I stumbled upon was not only a diet to cure my acne, but that kept me at my healthiest weight without any effort or struggle at all! I used to yo-yo back and forth from theRead more

Want to Become a Raw Food Expert?

When I first tried a raw food diet, I knew I was onto something.  The way I felt eating only raw food made me feel better than I ever had before! When I first started a raw food diet, I was in a desperate circumstance.  My skin problem had spun out of control, and I was at my wits end.  I had tried dozens of different medications, even the strongest ones available like Accutane, with no sign of relief.  IRead more

Raw Food Recipes

Over the years, I have come across several problems in my journey as a raw foodie.  But sticking to a raw diet has allowed me to not only stabilize my weight from a yo-yoing cycle, but also to heal my acne and experience overall the best health I ever have before. Here I discuss ways to overcome these issue in order to thrive on raw!   Cravings The first thing to overcome for most people is the craving for theRead more

Raw Vegan Style Weston A. Price

Despite the fact that a Weston A. Price diet is probably the farthest from a raw vegan diet, I still have to admit that I believe that he made a lot of important points, that can help ANY diet out.  Here I discuss the points made by the late dentist, and go over how they can contribute to an even better raw vegan diet. ** Please note that I am paraphrasing Weston A. Price statements as best I can.**   FirstRead more

Can Humans Photosynthesize?

If you’ve ever heard about breatharianism, you might have heard notions of people being able to live off of breath and derive nutrition from the sun.  While this has not scientifically been proven possible to this author’s knowledge, it might be possible that, with the help of some plant properties, humans could make energy from sunlight. Yes you read that correctly. 🙂 A study published in 2014, in the Journal of Cell Science, looked at human cell mitochondria, and foundRead more

The Best Way to Eat Raw Till 4 (In My Opinion)

By now, most people know about the Raw Till 4 diet and have a generally good idea of how it works.  I’m all for people eating the way in which they feel best and also in a way that they can maintain over time.  For this reason, I think Raw Till 4 is legitimately a very good diet, combining the best of 80/10/10 with The Starch Solution in a kind of Fit for Life sorta way.  Very clever 😉 ThereRead more

Can You Eat Too Many Bananas? A Personal Story

Well, I think I actually did it.  I ate one too many bananas. I’m the kind of person who could eat the same food, every day, for the rest of my life and be totally happy.  Not to say that I don’t switch it up a little, but for the most part, it’s very similar from day to day. So for a really long time (like 4 years!) I’ve been eating bananas on a daily basis.  And not just oneRead more

What is Living Food? (Life, Death and Biophotons)

The consensus amongst raw food enthusiasts has generally been that the life force of a food is associated with enzyme activity and the occurrence of their chemical reactions.  This may not be too far from the truth.  As science discovers new technology, we have been able to qualify and quantify signs of life in observable measurements.   Biophotons as a Possible Sign of Life The discovery of biophotons in the 1950’s was perhaps one of the most relevant scientific discoveries linkingRead more

The Most Compelling Argument for Veganism

One topic that I haven’t gone over is the benefits of eating a vegan diet, and in particular, avoiding meat products.  I may choose to touch on this subject in a later blog, but I find that such doctors as Dr. Greger, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselsteyn do such a great job at informing people about the benefits of a vegan diet, I find that it might be somewhat redundant to write any more about the subject. However,Read more

Q&A: Healing Acne, Weight Loss, Vegan Pregnancy

Here I answer your most pressing questions about all things raw…   Q:  What is your background and what do you do for a living? A:  I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and I’ve also studied Montessori teaching.  I wanted to be a teacher but changed my mind when I found out about alternative education.  I’m currently devoting all my time to this blog while also homeschooling my 2 kids!   Q:  I was wondering if you couldRead more