Raw Food Recipes

Over the years, I have come across several problems in my journey as a raw foodie.  But sticking to a raw diet has allowed me to not only stabilize my weight from a yo-yoing cycle, but also to heal my acne and experience overall the best health I ever have before. Here I discuss ways to overcome these issue in order to thrive on raw!   Cravings The first thing to overcome for most people is the craving for theRead more

Why Don’t Greens Taste Good To Some People?

I’m a greens lover.  I eat greens every day and believe that they are an important part of the diet.  But not everyone is a greens lover like myself.  Some people struggle to get in their daily greens, while others avoid them completely. One greens advocate and raw food expert is Victoria Boutenko, whose book Green For Life inspired me years ago to start drinking more green smoothies.  She has helped many people heal health problems using a raw foodRead more

Childhood Cavities and High Carb Diets

Anecdotally, it seems as though childhood cavities can be a problem in the high carb community.  The statistics on this issue are currently unclear, seeing as vegans as a group are not proven to have more cavities than non-vegans.  At the same time, fruit can cause more cavities on a raw food diet it appears.  And in this particular study, it was not because of differences in nutrition or oral care that stood out as the reason for this problem.Read more

Could Our Adaptations be Making Us Sick?

We generally think of adaptation as something positive, which helps a species evolve to the environment in which it lives.  Humans have certainly been evolving for millions of years As you can see, we’ve come a long way since our tree-dwelling ancestors, and during this time we have seen some adaptations to the new circumstances we have faced.  But how exactly have we changed, and why could this be detrimental to our overall health?   Physical Changes As stated inRead more

The Problem With Salt on a Raw Food Diet

As the title suggests, there might be a problem with taking in too much salt on a raw food diet.  For clarity sake, I am referring to table salt or even sea/Himalayan salt as an additive to the food (NaCl). It is commonplace to use salt to enhance the flavor of food in our society.  Most food in North America is salted, often heavily, in order for people to like it.  Humans can clearly develop an affinity towards salt.  And itRead more

But Where Do You Get Your (Raw) Protein?

Vegans get this question a lot, so it’s no surprise that when you decide to go on a raw diet, you will be hearing it too!  Of course, many people see vegan sources of protein being pulses (beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.), tofu, tempeh, seitan and maybe nuts and seeds.  However, when you go on a raw diet, some of these items may be off the menu.  So it’s natural for people to be confused about protein on a raw diet.Read more

Let’s Talk D

If you’ve been on a raw food diet for some time, you will probably come across the issue of vitamin D.  However, vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide problem, even having an official day devoted to vitamin D awareness. Vitamin D is synthesized when ultraviolet rays from the sun hit the skin and transform cholesterol into vitamin D3 (see image below).  It then undergoes further transformation in the liver and kidneys in order to be transformed into vitamin D2. Of course,Read more