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Over the years, I have come across several problems in my journey as a raw foodie.  But sticking to a raw diet has allowed me to not only stabilize my weight from a yo-yoing cycle, but also to heal my acne and experience overall the best health I ever have before.

Here I discuss ways to overcome these issue in order to thrive on raw!



The first thing to overcome for most people is the craving for the old food you used to eat.  I managed to get over my desire to eat animal products, but I still craved salt.  There were times when I would look at other people’s food and want to eat it.  But today, I am happy to say that I have overcome these problems.

How did I do it?  I found a way to add the salty taste to my salads, dips and dehydrated snacks without using salt!  I use this trick to make my kale chips salty and to make a dressing that basically tastes like soy sauce.  I also make a creamier version sometimes when I feel like indulging a bit.

For a while I was adding sundried tomatoes to all of my recipes.  But after a while, I got tired of the taste of tomatoes.  I still wanted the salt taste, but I didn’t want everything to taste the same.

Nowadays, whenever I have a salt craving, I whip up my salt-free sauce in minutes.  It just requires a bit of foresight in preparing the ingredients, but it’s well worth it.

If you’re wondering why salt isn’t ideal on a raw food diet, check out my blog The Problem With Salt on a Raw Food Diet.


Getting Enough Greens

As I discussed in my blog Why Don’t Greens Taste Good To Some People?, greens aren’t always the easiest to eat.  They aren’t made to taste good, and aren’t harvested or grown in ideal environments.

But they are important!  And that’s why I’ve always felt better on my raw food diet with some greens.

After coming up with my sauce, things definitely got better!  But before that happened, I had a couple other ways of getting in my greens.  I managed to come up with meals that were very tasty but also provided me with all the nutrients I needed.  And without the addition of salt!

Now I enjoy savory recipes that are loaded with calcium, iron, folate, vitamin C and beta carotene.  I found ways to enjoy my greens without giving up on taste.  Some of my recipes are also portable, so you can bring them out with you and no one would be able to tell they are raw 😉


All this to say, I have come up with some staple recipes that work really well for myself, and have also been approved by the rest of my family – including my kids!

And I want to share them with you.


Salt-free Sauce

This recipe I use almost every day on my salad or as a vegetable dip.  It can be varied in so many ways to create different flavors and consistencies.  It can taste like a soy sauce, or like a thick creamy dressing.


Raw Flatbread

This bread is great if you are on the move and want to throw something in your bag for a snack.  It is salt-free and very tasty.  You can add toppings and eat it like a pancake or make a savory version and top it with your favorite sauce and veggies.  Or just eat it as is!


Asian-style Noodles

These noodles use a variation of the sauce in order to make a sweet and savory dish.  Really nice in the summer too too.

And there are more!!


What People Are Saying

“Flat Bread – I modified the recipe slightly – I had 3 ____, used 1/2 cup ____ and 1/2 cup ____ – blended it all, spread on a non-stick dehydrator sheet – sprinkled a little cinnamon and mesquite powder on half – dried over night, flipped over and prepared some fruit to be able to use this as a breakfast crepe/wrap. It is fabulous, love the idea of ____, ____ and ____ – the bread is flexible and the recipe is easy. Thank you so much for sharing it.”



To get your copy of the recipe guide, click here!  I hope that people can benefit from this information, and save you all of the learning it took me, over the course of a decade to put together these recipes.

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