The Problem With Cooking (It’s Not Just the Heat!)

Proponents of the raw food diet have always stressed the importance of not cooking food in order to get the most benefit out of it.  There are many different reasons that cooking negatively affects food.  Whether it be from the degradation of nutrients from heat, oxidation, light and acidity, to the toxic chemicals formed when you cook a food.  Structures are altered, enzymes are deactivated, and food takes on a new dynamic than in its natural raw state. But besides theRead more

The Tooth/Body Health Mismatch

Humans are faced with a very unique problem today.  There may be a mismatch between what makes our teeth healthy and what makes the rest of our body healthy.  And this confusion has caused us to adopt unhealthy eating habits for our body, because of our knowledge about what harms our teeth. You could also call this a post-industrial agriculture era problem, but I thought tooth/body health mismatch sounded catchier 😉   What’s The Problem? Dentists and researchers have beenRead more

Should You Supplement B12 on a Raw Diet?

If you’re using a nutrition program to track your nutrients, you will inevitably notice that there are a couple nutrients lacking on a raw food diet.  An obvious one is vitamin D, which is covered in a previous blog, and of course, there’s the infamous vitamin B12 issue. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out how this vitamin is involved in human health and why we as raw foodies might benefit from adding in a source of B12 to our rawRead more

How to Get Rid of Water Weight Fast!

Water retained in the body can add to excess unnecessary weight.  Losing that little extra weight can make a difference in how you look and feel, because essentially, it’s a protective measure against an unwanted substance.  So how can you get rid of water weight?  Why is your body storing it in the first place, and what purpose does it serve?   Step 1 – Reduce Sodium Water weight, as most people are aware, is created in the body becauseRead more

Is Raw Food Detox Real?

We hear it all the time: “Detox your body!” “7 Day Detox Cleanse” “Clean Your Liver” But is detox a real thing?  Or is it just hype?   Detox in Scientific Literature Detox is a medical term often used in drug rehabilitation as “the metabolic process by which toxins are changed into less toxic or more readily excretable substances.”  It basically describes the process that the body goes through in order to eliminate a toxic substance from the body. Marketers have jumpedRead more

Is Fruit Sugar Getting a Bad Rep?

We hear it all the time – you gotta watch your sugar intake.  It’s all over health brochures and diet ads.  We hear it at the doctor’s office and from our dentist. But what really is the problem with sugar?  And in particular, the sugar in fruit?   A Sugar is a Sugar is a Sugar No matter where you get a glucose molecule, it’s the same glucose molecule.  It doesn’t matter if you got it from a starch, orRead more

Want to Become a Raw Food Expert?

When I first tried a raw food diet, I knew I was onto something.  The way I felt eating only raw food made me feel better than I ever had before! When I first started a raw food diet, I was in a desperate circumstance.  My skin problem had spun out of control, and I was at my wits end.  I had tried dozens of different medications, even the strongest ones available like Accutane, with no sign of relief.  IRead more