The Most Compelling Argument for Veganism

One topic that I haven’t gone over is the benefits of eating a vegan diet, and in particular, avoiding meat products.  I may choose to touch on this subject in a later blog, but I find that such doctors as Dr. Greger, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselsteyn do such a great job at informing people about the benefits of a vegan diet, I find that it might be somewhat redundant to write any more about the subject. However,Read more

Q&A: Healing Acne, Weight Loss, Vegan Pregnancy

Here I answer your most pressing questions about all things raw…   Q:  What is your background and what do you do for a living? A:  I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and I’ve also studied Montessori teaching.  I wanted to be a teacher but changed my mind when I found out about alternative education.  I’m currently devoting all my time to this blog while also homeschooling my 2 kids!   Q:  I was wondering if you couldRead more

Going Grey? What Do Enzymes Got To Do With It?

There’s a lot of confusion about enzymes in the raw food world.  Some people talk about enzymes being essential in order to prevent aging and disease, but then go on to say that we need the enzymes from raw food in order to do so. Enzymes certainly help with digestion of food and the breakdown of nutrients in the metabolism, but it’s so important that we distinguish between the different types of enzymes in order to understand how they playRead more

Nourishing Teeth on a Raw Diet

A paper published in the journal General Dentistry could bridge the gap between diet and tooth health. An article published in 2010 by Ken Southward, DDS, FAGD illuminates the connection between diet and the ability of the tooth to resist infection and bacterial erosion.  Cavities are a result of the body not able to control inflammation within the tooth.  In order to understand how the body does so, we must look at the mechanism that allows us to influence the structure of theRead more

Staying Raw and Eating Out

Can you still dine out and keep to your raw diet?  Sometimes what is holding people back from eating an all raw diet is the missed social experiences.  This can be a huge drawback for some who would really miss having these important experiences with their friends and family.  It can even keep some people from adopting a healthier diet altogether.  But it doesn’t have to. You can stay raw and still enjoy going out with people, and you don’tRead more

Why Isn’t Everyone Raw? (Opinion Piece)

Not everyone thinks that a raw diet is the best diet for people, and I don’t blame them for thinking this way.  It can be hard to see sometimes the benefits of eating raw from an outside perspective.  Some people might even try a raw diet and go back to eating the way they did previously because they don’t notice a difference, or the benefits didn’t outweigh the difficulties it caused for them. When someone who does see the benefitsRead more

Did Cooking Make Us Human?

So the theory goes, cooking allowed us to become the humans we are today. As popularized by Richard Wrangham in his book entitled Cathing Fire:  How Cooking Made Us Human, it is hypothesized that humans became the way they are today because of the discovery and utilization of fire. Wrangham states that humans have used fire to make our food more rich and “valuable,” that it influenced the way our bodies look today, and it changed our social structures. Between our ancestors, theRead more