Can You Eat Too Many Bananas? A Personal Story

Well, I think I actually did it.  I ate one too many bananas. I’m the kind of person who could eat the same food, every day, for the rest of my life and be totally happy.  Not to say that I don’t switch it up a little, but for the most part, it’s very similar from day to day. So for a really long time (like 4 years!) I’ve been eating bananas on a daily basis.  And not just oneRead more

What is Living Food? (Life, Death and Biophotons)

The consensus amongst raw food enthusiasts has generally been that the life force of a food is associated with enzyme activity and the occurrence of their chemical reactions.  This may not be too far from the truth.  As science discovers new technology, we have been able to qualify and quantify signs of life in observable measurements.   Biophotons as a Possible Sign of Life The discovery of biophotons in the 1950’s was perhaps one of the most relevant scientific discoveries linkingRead more